We have devoted ourselves to classic automobiles for many years, particularly Porsche vehicles.

Our know-how and competence result from the restoration of numerous untouched original cars, a large number of vehicle sales and countless expert inspections.

We supply Porsche vehicles covering every series from the 356 to the 911.
We supply cars in all conditions, from top class vehicles to cars needing some restoration. Despite the variety on offer, these vehicles all have one thing in common:
An exact definition of the respective condition. Each car is inspected and described in the greatest possible detail, with identified deficiencies being pointed out.
Our judgement in this respect is not limited to the usual evaluations of "very good" and "good" commonly encountered in this sector, but also qualified with designations such as "Spoor" and "bad".

Our experience in restoration work means we can calculate and present details of the costs involved for any work that proves necessary.

We subject your vehicle to a stringent inspection and expert appraisal, using an experienced eye along with modern equipment such as endoscopes and layer thickness measuring instruments.

We restore vehicles to the highest standards, a skill for which we are noted. Excellent craftsmanship, the latest technology and co-operation with selected specialists in this sector are the guarantee of unbeatable quality.

We also supply contemporary accessories, whether as originals or high-quality reproductions.

Please arrange an appointment to visit us on the Swabian Alb in Southern Germany. We would be delighted to see you, and directions for getting here can be found under Contact.