The fascination of classical cars and especially Porsche is appropriately revealed when moving and driving these cars. Porsches are made to be driven in a sporty fashion. Properly maintained or restored cars of this brand are still very dynamic and driven with high emotional fascination. Due to their design for everyday use and reliability, they remain useful for larger routes, e.g. over mountains, for drivers training or days on the tracks.

We like to bring this fascination closer to our customers:

We regularly offer rides into various regions. These rides have different goals, ranging from touristical sightseeing and cultural programs to sporty rides. All of these take place in some of the most beautiful regions imaginable for such endeavours, like South France, the Dolomites, Allgau, Salzburger Land, Great Britain, Scotland and more...

We also regularly offer drivers training and Trackdays on appropriate racing tracks and at training centres.

Years of experience with our vehicles have taught us and our partners extensively how to appropriately work with and optimize classical Porsche cars, up to preparing them for actual races. We would gladly advise you and prepare your car for designated needs.