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Good health is the most precious gift man can receive. Quality of life and the art of living with a developed awareness complement this. Finding time for yourself, for others and for the beautiful and fascinating things life has to offer. Involving yourself with enthusiasm in the things you love.

The flood of expressionless, ugly and very often impractical automobiles that have appeared in recent years suggests that the majority of people place little importance on the type of car they drive.

That is, unless you have a particular philosophy of life, an appreciation of shape and form, of quality, consistency, of things which are both venerable and beautiful. Then you are sensitive to the aura that surrounds old vehicles.

The day may come on which you decide to purchase a classic automobile.

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A wealth of beautiful old classic automobiles exists, some of good quality, others less so. You can consider yourself lucky if your heart has been captured by Porsche cars. They represent engineering excellence, superb craftsmanship and lasting value. We have been learning this over many years while working with classic cars of every make.

Discovering ...
However, you can consider yourself even luckier if you enjoy the services of a sales consultant who demonstrates competence in this area, and if you are fortunate enough to meet a serious provider.

The number of not just apparent, but of actual good quality vehicles on the vintage and classic automobile market is limited. The price of such gems is consequently high, and there is a great danger of stumbling over a fake. Inexpensive offers tend not to remain inexpensive in the long term, and a decision to save money often results in exactly the opposite as subsequent investments increase.
We aim to create clarity and counter these hidden dangers.

and Possessing with ease of mind!
We involve you completely in the inspection and determination of the condition of the car you have selected, regardless of the vehicle or quality level you have chosen. We point out risks and possible follow-up costs and offer predictions of the costs involved for work planned at a later stage.

This transparency fosters trust in the vehicle and faith in us.

We are delighted by the large number of satisfied customers who have brought their cars back to us over the years for servicing and maintenance, even when they might need to travel extraordinarily far distances to do so. Valuable friendships have been made, which go beyond a pleasant mutual interest in old cars and conversations about the price of petrol.

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